Referral and Placement Services

Mission We build strong communities by empowering individuals. The Permanency Services Programs are committed to supporting children and family caregivers build and maintain strong, healthy family relationships that last a lifetime. We do this using a team-centered, family-centered approach that is clinically sound and respectful of individual difference, culture and tradition.

Foster Care Models Permanency Services offers four foster care programs that support highly skilled foster parents and the children they foster throughout the state of Connecticut.

(TFC) Therapeutic Foster Care Youth who have experienced emotional trauma and have some behavioral challenges.

(TFC-E) Therapeutic Foster Care – Enhanced Youth who have more intensive psychiatric needs and significant behavioral challenges.

Contact: David Gallagher, Program Manager
203.317.2700 Ext. 171

(FCT) Family and Community Ties
The children referred to us for specialized foster care by DCF require an increased level of support as do their foster parents. We work in collaboration with DCF and community providers to identify the individual needs of each youth and tailor support services to meet those needs.

At the FCT level we provide clinical case management and life skills training as well as assistance in maintaining relationships with the child’s biological family and their community of origin. FCT increases support by employing a multidisciplinary treatment team as well as providing intensive in-home clinical services.

Contact: Donella Crenshaw, Program Manager

Permanency Placement Services Program (PPSP)
We provide DCF with specialized permanency planning services for any currently active youth who is in need of specialized services to assist in the realization of a permanency plan. Services include:

  • Recruitment
  • Screening
  • Home studies and evaluations
  • Pre and post-placement planning
  • Post-finalization services
  • Reunification services and supervision after reunification

Contact: Angela Ferrucci, Permanency Clinician
203.317.2700 Ext. 128