Shared Living

Support in a Family Setting Shared Living is a residential option for adults with developmental disabilities that offers care and support in a family setting.

Independence and Flexibility Living with a family offers individuals stability, connection, flexibility, and the opportunity to gain independence and have a full and active life, participating in family, community, and recreational activities.

Matching Families and Individuals Individuals and families are matched based on preferences, lifestyle, interests, and needs for the best possible fit. Both parties are empowered to make the decision regarding what is right for them.

Friend ~ Teacher ~ Advocate Providers assist individuals with everyday life skills and tasks, medical needs, and support individuals in enjoying a full social life.

Responsibility and Care Shared Living providers can be a family, a couple, or a single person, who opens their home and their heart, and accepts the responsibility of caring for, and supporting an individual with disabilities.

Tax-Free Stipend ~ Ongoing Support IPPI providers receive a tax-free stipend for the care they provide and room and board. Providers receive ongoing support, training, and access to agency and community resources.

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