Empowering Individuals Through Financial Freedom  

Meet Larcina Carrington Wynn. Ms. Wynn is a North Carolina native, who migrated to New Haven, Connecticut in 1968. Since the age of nine, she has always had an interest
in numbers and a passion for helping people with their personal finances.

Ms. Wynn knows firsthand the stress and anxiety one can experience when personal finances are amiss and there does not seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel. Much like our youth in foster care, Wynn has had to build her dreams from the ground up and continue building in order to see her vision actualized.

In 1992, Ms. Wynn founded Carrington Financial Services, LLC., where she serves as the President. The company offers services ranging from accounting and bookkeeping, tax preparation and planning, back office support, as well as debt reduction and management plans, payroll, and more.

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The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well at IPPI

“Art by Alec” is a collection of beautiful, handcrafted items made by one of the individuals IPPI supports. Many of his pieces reflect his love of the ocean. Alec’s skill and creativity speak for themselves! He’s looking forward to his venture into entrepreneurship and is off to a great start with a fully stocked display case of his creations ready for purchase.


When the going gets tough, Jeff Dorosh gets going!

Meet Jeff Dorosh. Jeff owns and operates Clothesline Laundromat. Much like our youth
in foster care, Jeff has faced challenging situations with resilience. Jeff lost his job in 2006. While exploring his next career opportunity, Jeff learned about an existing laundry business that was for sale. He seized the opportunity in 2011 and purchased the business. Since then, Jeff has moved the business and expanded operations in a new location.

Jeff supports foster care awareness because he knows the importance of a supportive community. In fact, the Clothesline Laundromat is a hub of information about how to become a foster parent through The Institute of Professional Practice, Inc.

Stop by, say hello and learn more about the importance of foster parenting. And while you’re at it, bring a bag of clothes or two!

You can check him out on Facebook or on his website.

2019 THERAP National Conference Update

This year’s Therap National Conference was held in Charlotte, North Carolina, January 28th – 31st. Therap is a web-based application for organizations supporting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The conference is an opportunity to learn, share, and discover new and upcoming developments relevant to the Therap Users community.

The 2019 Conference showcased a number of changes and new developments at Therap. Things like Health Tracing updates, a new Individuals Data Form, IDF Linked Providers Sync, and custom fields were discussed and explored throughout the meeting.

Two of our colleagues, Ezax and Nahshon, represented Mid-Atlantic Human Service Corporation, a division of IPPI. At the conference, they focused on understanding areas critical to the enhancement of their performance as Therap Administrators, Training Coordinator and Quality Enhancement Manager, respectively.

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IPPI supports advocates speaking out at the Building a Great Life Conference

“Having a great life means making your own decisions, having the ability to do what you want for employment, and having fun whenever you want!” ~ Jordan, IPPI Community Mentor.

IPPI staff and self-advocates attended the Building a Great Life Conference in 2018. Hear what they have to say about what having a great life means to them! Jordan Thompson and two self-advocates, Tim Ridley and Sandy Sohcot, were featured in the “What is a great life to you?’ video which is posted on the CT DDS website and YouTube. We were very excited to support these two advocates to speak out at this conference!

Lou’s News – A message from the CEO

I hope the start of the New Year is bringing welcomed growth and renewal to you all. Certainly that is the case for IPPI, and I am grateful to have you on this journey as we continue to live into our mission, vision, and core values.

As you well know, there is a lot going on at IPPI, and I want to share some highlights with you.

Since my last update, Melodie Peet has taken on a new SLT role as Director of Program Development. A new position for the agency, Melodie will visit programs in all of our state operations, exploring how our programs serve the mission. She will help us, while collaborating with the SLT and the state SMTs, to define and refine our service delivery model(s) as we move towards our vision of becoming the provider of choice. Melodie will transition into this new role over the next couple of months while we work on hiring a new State Director for the Connecticut operations. Please join me in welcoming Melodie into her new role.

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The Incredible Journey of Ali Glass, a former foster child

Meet Ali Glass. Ali was born and raised in Newark, New Jersey and currently resides in Connecticut. At age nine, Glass was taken from his home due to abuse and neglect. He entered the foster care system. Growing up, Glass faced countless challenges and setbacks (moving from house to house, changing schools, etc). Eventually, Ali got caught up with the wrong crowd and engaged in illegal activities, which landed him in jail for five years. Upon release, Ali received support from the non-profit agency Beacon Light in Hartford. That was the turning point in his life.

Since then, Glass has had a tremendous journey of healing and growth. What seemed to be missing in his biological family, Ali created in his own village. In 2016, he married Quanda Glass. Earlier this year, he became the new owner of Hamden Barber.  His vision is to transition the barbershop into a non-profit organization that offers similar support to that which he received from Beacon Light.

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Connecticut DCF Youth Advisory Board’s “Meet Me Where I’m At” video series released in December

This video series is the product of the Department’s Youth Advisory Board (YAB), whose members advocated for the opportunity to speak for themselves directly to current and potential foster and adoptive parents. Meet Me Where I’m At consists of 13 videos, highlighted by a collaborative introductory poem, and features 9 of our youth who felt so passionately about this project that they were willing to step in front of the camera. They did an incredible job!

IPPI Connecticut’s Art Works Studio co-hosts SCNC Meeting

The Art Works Studio, together with the New Haven and Hamden/North Haven Collaboratives, hosted the South Central Network of Care (SCNC) Meeting at the Art Works Studio in Hamden yesterday. The SCNC bring providers, community members, caregivers, family members and youth together to address the challenges of meeting the need for services. In attendance were community agencies, providers, the board of education, and families. Art Works Studio coordinator, Chrissy Clarino, presented information on the studio’s role as a community resource.

National Human Trafficking Awareness

Our CT Permanency Services Family and Community Ties Foster Care team, pictured below, shows their support on National Human Trafficking Awareness Day January 11th by wearing blue. Youth in foster care and group homes are considered a high risk population for trafficking. It has been estimated that up to 60% of victims of child sex trafficking have a history in the  child welfare system. Community awareness is key.