Parent-2-Child Autism Training Program

Mother and son are playing on the carpet with blocks

The Institute’s Parent-2-Child Program was launched in September of 2008. It addresses the critical shortage of trained personnel and funding encountered by parents seeking services for their very young children with autism.

Parent-2-Child helps children up to 3 years old who have an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The program coaches parents and other caregivers to support their children effectively and to provide therapeutic intervention during the many hours they already spend with their children. Parents learn a wide variety of techniques to develop their children’s learning, communication, and social skills.

Parents are also shown how to avoid and solve common behavior problems for children with ASD.

The techniques are designed to be used in everyday activities and reflect evidence-based practices and the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).

The program runs throughout the year, with families enrolling as soon as an ASD diagnosis is suspected.

The training program has five major components:

  • Ten hours of hands-on classroom instruction each week for the adult, together with the child
  • Monthly home visits by an experienced therapist to assist parents in applying techniques at home
  • Weekly lectures by a behavior analyst to introduce topic areas and to provide in-depth discussion
  • Easy to understand support materials for parents including a “how to” play book and video modeling
  • Regular data collection that tracks behavior problems and skill development with ongoing assessment of progress

Contact: Peg Chaffee, M.Ed., BCBA
NH Clinical Director

ABA Autism
Initial Intake Line
603.224.8085 Ext. 1820

NH Council on
Autism Spectrum Disorders
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