“Betsy has Prader-Willi syndrome. At 20 years old, her school was not able to offer the in-school supports she really needed and offered us the opportunity to use an outside provider until she reached 21. Betsy required a one-to-one aide who could manager her stresses and occasional acting-out behaviors.  IPPI was recommended to us as a top-flight provider who could hire a dedicated caregiver to carry out a community-based learning and skills building program, including academics and work and volunteering. The transition from school into the real world can be one of the most difficult times that special needs families face – finding a job and worthwhile things for the person to do.  The IPPI team made that transition work for Betsy, although it wasn’t always easy.  One of IPPI’s greatest strengths is their ability to provide “emergency services” to their clients if needed; so, for example, if Betsy had a stress ‘meltdown’ or any problem in the community they would respond immediately. Knowing that they were always there for our daughter allowed us to relax and ‘breathe’ during the day.”

-Tim McMahon, Betsy’s father and guardian 

Betsy’s close knit family supports her love of animals, community theatre and athletics.