Community-Based Transition Programs for Teens & Young Adults

When students with disabilities begin to “age out,” that is, when they have benefited as much as they can from what is contained within the curriculum and walls of the school, they still have much to learn in order to continue to grow. Poised to gain increased independence and autonomy, they need training in life skills to make a successful transition to adulthood.  To meet this need, IPPI offers individualized programs for students aged 18 to 21. We engage the student, family and school district in creating a program that matches the student’s interests and skills levels and meets the school’s IEP objectives.

In their own words…

“Betsy has Prader-Willi syndrome. At 20 years old, her school was not able to offer the in-school supports she really needed… read more

Our services are provided primarily through 1:1 support within the home, neighborhood and community, creating opportunities for academic and real world skill development in natural settings. Some examples of skill development areas include:

  • Prevocational and vocational – occupational competence; interviewing; resume development; behavior on the job; job expectations; getting along with your boss and coworkers
  • Household maintenance – planning the menu; shopping; cooking; household repairs and upkeep; laundry; lawn care; cleaning
  • Financial responsibility – identifying bills and coins; budgeting; purchasing; banking
  • Social activities – having a conversation; stranger/friend identification and safety; resolving conflicts; reducing challenging behavior
  • Health – medical management; exercise; psychological well-being; dental care; good nutrition; good sleep habits
  • Handling a crisis – keeping safe and in touch; responding to an emergency

New Hampshire

To learn more about the community-based teen and young adult transition programs, which are typically funded by local school districts or paid for privately, contact:

Concord – Project Director: Ashley Davis 603.224.8085

Merrimack – Project Director: Amanda Galvin 603.423.6046

Stratham – Project Director: Katie Kelly 603.772.5991