Twin Rivers Associates Day Program

Twin River Associates is a lively, highly regarded day program for adults with disabilitiesJustin Resized fondly known, in and around the town of Stratham, as “TRA.” Participants come from throughout the Seacoast area to enjoy a variety of employment, volunteer, artistic, social and other life-expanding activities. TRA is open from 9 to 3 on weekdays. Its hallmark can be captured in two words: “high expectations”.

The hours are flexible: members may choose to come for all 30 hours each week, or just a few.

The activities are varied: some take place in the community, but there is always a pleasant place to “chill out” when folks are tired or just need a relaxing place to grab a snack, listen to music, check in with friends, shoot some pool, work on the computer, or plan the next week’s schedule.

The opportunities are many: each person exercises choice. Community volunteering? The arts? Exercise? Acquiring job skills to earn money? Cooking with friends? Starting a

painting that could be selected for inclusion in next year’s art auction? Gardening? Working a shift for “Twin Rivers Delivers,” our errand service?

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In their own words…

“Our clients can’t wait to get there. They are always busy doing fun and creative things…”
woman knittingread more

“I really like being a part of Twin Rivers Delivers, taking day-old baked goods from the grocery store to the senior center…” read more

“The Twin Rivers program has brought happiness and worthwhileness to my son…” read more

“My entire family would agree that Tom’s experience at TRA opened up a whole world for him. He considered TRA his home away from home and his work…” read more 

Contact: Leah Lynch
Program Coordinator

Twin Rivers Associates Day Program
38 Portsmouth Ave. Ste. D
Stratham, NH 03885

Participants may be funded at TRA
through local developmental
disabilities agencies or private pay.