Individualized Home Staffing Arrangements for Adults

The Institute develops individualized staffing arrangements, in which staff come into the home to assist with a variety of activities of daily living. Sometimes people with disabilities have found a living space that is comfortable and suitsman gardening them well. It may be a home they own or rent. Upon request, The Institute works with these individuals and their family members and guardians to develop individualized staff arrangements, in which staff come into the home when the person needs help with a variety of activities of daily living such as scheduling appointments with a dentist, cooking dinner, routine shopping, or weekly house-cleaning. Sometimes just a few hours of staff support is desired; in other cases, round-the-clock specialized services are preferred. The process of choosing staff is a joint venture shared among the individual, his/her family, and IPPI. The interests, preferences and special needs of the person determine the criteria that are used to recruit and interview candidates. Once the staff member is hired, IPPI managers provide training and supervision, making sure that s/he is performing all of the tasks that the individual has requested. The goal of this collaboration between the individual and IPPI is a smooth-running household with a pleasant atmosphere that supports the individual’s health and community membership.

“In my experience, the quality of Lori’s life is so dependent on how the people she spends time with are trained and supported. IPPI is particularly good at supporting the staff who

provide direct care. The program manager comes over to Lori’s house supposedly to “have coffee,” but I know she’s really modeling for the support staff ways to be with Lori that are helpful. The program manager is very present in Lori’s life. She knows when a situation needs immediate attention.”
– Sue Fox, Lori’s mother

“Richie has enjoyed IPPI’s support for about 10 years. Over those years he has matured asman working vegetables a person, learned to manage his emotions and gained new respect for himself and others. The IPPI staff is ethical, creative, caring and resourceful. Before we teamed up with IPPI, there were problems around every bend in his road toward independence. Richie still needs personal guidance and case management, but he is living his life on his terms with IPPI’s support. In a world that’s not very supportive of people with disabilities, IPPI has been not just a great source of support, but of real friendship to Rich and to us.”
– Dick and Helen Quinlan, Rich’s parents and guardians

Contact Information:

Concord – Project Director: Ashley Davis 603.224.8085

Merrimack – Project Director: Amanda Galvin 603.423.6046

Stratham – Project Director: Katie Kelly 603.772.5991