New Hampshire Services for Adults

New Hampshire  programs and services for adults include residential options and community based day options.

Enhanced Family Care

When an individual with disabilities needs a comfortable home she or he can share with a caring and competent individual, couple or family, The Institute can make that happen. Using a model often referred to as “shared living,” or “adult foster care,” we carefully match individuals, based on needs, interests, preferences and goals, with Enhanced Family Care providers who wish to share their homes with individuals needing special kinds of support so they can live in the community.

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Individualized Home Staffing Arrangements

Sometimes people with disabilities have found a living space that is comfortable and suits them well. It may be a home they own or rent. Upon request, The Institute works with these individuals and their family members and guardians to develop Individualized

Home Staffing Arrangements, in which staff come into the home.  

Community-Based Day Options

The Institute in New Hampshire offers adults with disabilities customized servicess daily experiences within their neighborhoods and communities are meaningful and facilitate active participation.

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Twin Rivers Associates Day Program

Twin River Associates is a lively, highly regarded day program for adults with disabilities fondly known, in and around the town of Stratham, as “TRA.” Participants come from throughout the Seacoast area to enjoy a variety of employment, volunteer, artistic, social and other life-expanding activities.

Contact Information:

Concord – Project Director: Ashley Davis

Merrimack – Project Director: Amanda Galvin

Stratham – Project Director: Katie Kelly