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Sherry Lynn MacNeil
Massachusetts Clinical Director

Family and Home Consultation

Parents are often the first to acknowledge that their child with special needs also presents special behavioral challenges, especially when communication does not emerge smoothly at the expected times or rate of development. Applied behavior analysis (ABA), among the most successful interventions in our field, has a proven track record of success in helping parents adopt strategies that assist their children in acquiring new, more developmentally appropriate behavioral skills such as attention to task, social reciprocity, emotional self-regulation, and cooperation with the “must do” tasks of life. We help parents identify problem behaviors as well as behaviors to improve, and then systematically respond to those behaviors in ways that assist the child in making positive change. Parents are also helped in recognizing which aspects of their children’s environments “set the stage” for good, and not so good, behavior, and then altering those environmental settings. Children’s Services staff are available to work with family members and the child within his/her natural settings to develop, implement and monitor a treatment plan.

ABA Autism Initial Intake Line 978.353.3480 Ext. 1200