Massachusetts Services for Children & Families 

We provide in-home services based on universally recognized evidence based interventions and treatments derived from the principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA). With a strength based approach, our clinical team works with youth, families, and other support providers to address and strengthen behavioral, social emotional, activities of daily living, vocational, leisure, executive functioning, and communication skills. IPPI’s in-home service model for children and adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) emphasizes:

  • Evidence-based interventions that rest on best practice standards, ongoing data collection, and evaluation of outcomes;
  • Assessment of a child’s communicative, cognitive and behavioral strengths and needs permitting individualization of a plan that is accessible and developmentally appropriate;
  • Family integration into service planning and implementation;
  • The child’s development of emotional regulation skills to ensure that s/he is able to benefit from behavioral and educational opportunities;
  • Generalization of skills to natural settings (e.g., the classroom, home, recreational resources, community);
  • coordination with other service providers
  • Ensuring a high level of competence among The Institute’s staff through ongoing professional development and supervision;
  • The capacity to develop a continuum of care for individuals who may be transitioning from Children’s Services to adult care.

In-home Services  can help parents identify problem behaviors as well as behaviors to improve, and then systematically respond to those behaviors in ways that assist the child in making positive change.

We firmly believe that the best outcomes for children are achieved when consistency and effective communication systems between home-based and school-based services exist. We are well-equipped to provide Coordination between Home and School bridging these two settings. In addition, the Institute offers a variety of Consultation and Services including assessments, trainings and clinical supervision.

Our array of services:

  • An initial comprehensive assessment completed by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA)
  • Development of a behavior support plan, in consultation with the family
  • Program development and implementation in the natural setting
  • Parent training to support generalization of skills
  • Data collection, analysis and monitoring to evaluate the effectiveness of the interventions
  • Oversight of services by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst

These services are funded through insurance.

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ABA Autism Initial Intake Line 978.353.3480 Ext. 1200

Contact Information:
Sherry Lynn MacNeil, M.Ed., BCBA, LABA
MA Clinical Director
Phone: 978.602.7405