Job Path Vocational Supports 

Job Path is a Supported Employment program based in the local communities where individuals live and work.

Job Path provides supports in all areas of vocational development including:

  • Assistance in the development of a resume, cover letter, references.
  • Support through the job development process.
  • Assistance completing online applications and other pre-employment documents.
  • Support during the interview process.
  • Support during initial on site job training at the start of new employment.
  • Ongoing support while employed.
  • Support and training in ancillary employment skills including social, behavioral, learning the culture of their new employer.
  • Support to learn and utilize local transportation options and systems.
  • Support and referrals for information on impact of earnings on Social Security income and other entitlements.

Participants in the Job Path Program are encouraged to become as independent as possible in all areas of their lives related to working. Employment Specialists provide 1:1 support and direction to each participant in order to help them successfully find their passion.

We believe that every person who desires to work should be afforded the opportunity and support to do so successfully.

Job Path has an enviable reputation throughout The Commonwealth as a support that helps employees make good wages, retain employment, and achieve satisfaction and advancement at work.

For information contact:
Michelle Cutting
Asst. Director of Adult Services
Employment Supports