Massachusetts Services for Adults

Massachusetts’s programs and services for adults include residential options,  community-based day options as well as vocational supports and job coaching.

Residential Services The Institute’s residential services in Massachusetts offer a spectrum of options that range from specialized small Group Homes that are designed to meet the needs of people with intense and comprehensive needs. In addition we offer individualized Shared Living for those with an interest in establishing a close connection to a companion or family. For those who prefer greater autonomy and who need limited support, supervised independent living in their own home may be preferred. Community-Based Day Supports After young adults leave the world of school, several interesting options await them, whether they continue to live at home, move to a group home or another kind of supported living arrangement. The Institute in Massachusetts’s offers, in addition to competitive employment support, three possibilities, each designed to meet the individual’s unique needs, interests and goals. STRIVES provides people with an opportunity for work-focused day activities and part-time supported employment while they continue to benefit from a range of clinical and educational supports. man gardening            

Community-based, enrichment support options Milestones and Navigator are situated in central Fitchburg and serve as a busy and productive daytime base for individuals who are interested in increasing their adaptive, academic, and work skills, and maintaining a stable group of friends. blind caneFocus is a very specialized community-based day program for individuals who have sensory challenges such as deafness, blindness or deaf-blindness caused by Rubella syndrome, congenital problems or developmental illness.   Vocational Supports The Institute many years ago became impressed by the number of competent people woman workingreceiving services from The Department of Developmental Services who were not given the opportunity of working. What was missing? Job Path is the outcome of analyzing what was needed to help people prepare for, find, and keep good jobs, and of ongoing collaboration with the Department of Developmental  Services. Contact Information:

Residential Services
Steve Mendoza – Director of Adult Services
978.353.3480 Ext. 1205

Day Options
Sherry Lynn MacNeil – Clinical Director

Vocational Supports
Michelle Cutting – Project Director