Respite Services

daughter elderly motherRespite services are another support for members of the developmental disabilities community that family members and individuals find valuable. Respite is generally provided through an ISO arrangement (an individualized placement) or in one of two community-based homes that have additional space for someone who needs a brief vacation. Respite stays can be limited to one day, or can be extensive for as long as three months. When an individual’s parent needs a medical procedure or must be out of time, respite care provides a comfortable and tailored option with staff who are well trained and peers who enjoy visitors.

Planned respite that occurs periodically allows an individual an opportunity to schedule a get-away and parents to go on long weekends. Respite stays can serve many purposes, one of which is the expansion of an individual’s social network, or exposure to new experiences and people. Payment for respite services is through the State of Maryland as well as from private pay sources.

For more information about respite services, which are usually funded through DDA or privately, be in touch with Sandy Chilton, State Director 410.569.6490