Individual Service Option (ISO)

 This living arrangement is uniquely Mid-Atlantic’s in Maryland. The ISO affords the female workerindividual an opportunity to reside with a companion or a family and promotes even greater individualization than the group home or the ALU model. Typically people who choose this kind of residential support value their autonomy and independence and prefer not to live in a group setting. They have fewer needs for supervision of the activities of their daily lives, and are more apt to wish for greater involvement in their neighborhoods and communities. They may work competitively or participate in supported employment programs. A multi-disciplinary approach involving important stake-holders is utilized to ensure that each individual receives the appropriate care and services based on specific needs and preferences.

“When parents have to decide on long-term care for their special needs child, it is a difficult and heart wrenching decision. You feel there is no one who can care for your child as well as you do. Well, that is true; however, it has been my experience with Mid-Atlantic that they make every effort to provide a loving and caring environment. Mid-Atlantic provides nice homes in safe neighborhoods. Your child will receive specialized care and individualized attention. No, it is not home. But it is the next best thing.” -Heather Higdon, Mother

For more information about Individual Service Options, which are usually funded privately or through DDA be touch with: Sandy Chilton, State Director 410.569.6490