Maryland Services for Adults 

couple walkingMid-Atlantic Human Services has a reputation throughout the state for meeting the highest of quality assurance standards and maintaining those standards throughout the year. We have established internal norms of performance to compliment and extend those required by state licensing boards.

Two models of residential supports, Group Homes & Alternative Living Units (ALU), meet the needs of many individuals who have chosen Mid-Atlantic as their service provider.

The Individual Service Option (ISO) is a living arrangement that’s uniquely Mid-Atlantic’s in Maryland.

Respite Services provide support for members of the developmental disabilities community that family members and individuals find valuable.

Individualization – Our services are shaped by an approach in which the individual comes first — his or her needs and the needs of family members are the driving forces behind all decision making and planning.  A multi-disciplinary approach is utilized to ensure that each individual receives the appropriate care and services based on his or her:

  • Interests and preferences
  • Mode of communication
  • Likes and dislikes
  • Goals for the future
  • Best methods of learning
  • Abilities
  • Specific need areas

Comprehensive approach – We carefully evaluate and integrate the information coming from members of the team (which can include family members, physicians, mental health counselors, physical and occupational therapists, communication specialists, behavioral and clinical specialists, nurses, nutritionists, psychologists, and service coordinators) into a comprehensive plan of services that helps people move toward health, skill acquisition, emotional health, behavioral stability and social attachment, all within their neighborhoods and communities. Increased success in becoming a member of the larger culture, using community resources effectively, becoming a self-advocate, participating in stay-healthy activities, and forming vital friendships and networks of natural supports are outcomes that are reachable for those we serve.

Using an integrated approach and developing the correct staff supports, with the right matches, in each setting, helps people achieve goals they may never have dreamed about before coming to Mid-Atlantic Human Services.

Nursing and medical oversight – by registered nurses who are on 24-hour on call duty is available. Nurses who work at Mid-Atlantic Human Services are professional members of our team, each focusing on a specific program and having knowledge of and exposure to all other programs and services in order to appreciate our mission and core values. Nurses are active participants in all phases of the admissions and intake process.

A word about Community Life: All individuals enjoy a wide array of activities based on teen laughingtheir personal interests and talents. Many are members of their local YMCAs, YWCAs and Bally’s. They take enthusiastic advantage of vacation opportunities, usually traveling with staff and perhaps a peer: recent expeditions have included Disney World, Las Vegas, Great Wolf Lodge and Resort, Deep Creek Lake, and Bethany Beach, Delaware. Each year we bring together all who are associated with Mid-Atlantic Human Services — those who participate in services, those who provide direct treatment and care, administrative and managerial staff, clinicians, and families — for a holiday party held at a local banquet hall. It’s an evening of dining, dancing, fun, gifts and appreciation. It’s truly a family environment here in many ways; staff invite those we support to their weddings, family gatherings and church suppers. And individuals share their important moments — graduation, Weight Watcher achievements, promotion to new jobs, and important birthdays — with their staff.

It’s important to note that all staff members are trained to develop the skills that are critical to providing good care and effective teaching for the individuals whom we serve. Mid-Atlantic has developed a strong culture of ongoing education to continuously improve abilities and round out knowledge. Mentoring and supervision are provided by program directors, clinical and behavioral staff. Trainings are provided in-house by members of our Maryland and corporate team, who are equipped with extensive knowledge and expertise, along with an understanding of our mission and core values.