Becoming a Foster Parent FAQ’s

How do I start the process?
Call 888.968.4489 X168. We will go over the initial requirements with you, talk about our program, and mail you an application. We will then invite you in for an office interview and register you for pre-licensing training.

Do I need to be married?
No, IPPI welcomes as prospective parents single persons; heterosexual couples (married & unmarried); gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, and transgender individuals or couples, and multiracial couples.

Do I need parenting experience?
No, we will provide intensive training and ongoing clinical support to help teach you the skills to manage the youth placed in your home. However, it is advantageous to have personal or professional experience working with foster children or youth with special needs/behavioral health issues as these are typically the youth referred for Therapeutic level foster care.

How many hours are required for foster parent training?
Any person interested in becoming a foster parent must attend the TIPS/MAPP training which consists of 11 weeks of training (3 hour sessions). It is a mutual assessment and mutual preparation program. Once a foster parent is licensed, 28 hours of training is required.

Do I need to have a driver’s license and a car?
Yes, IPPI requires that all foster parents have a valid driver’s license and a reliable means of   transportation with insurance.

Can I work and still be a foster parent?
Yes, IPPI requires that parents have sufficient income to support their families. If you are a single parent, you must work 1st shift, Monday – Friday with weekends available for family activities. It is IPPI’s expectation that foster parents have a certain degree of flexibility with work schedules in order to meet the rigorous responsibilities of foster parenting (i.e. transporting the youth to their medical or therapy appointments, participating in team meetings, responding to a crisis involving the youth, etc.)

Do I need to own my home?
No, we accept applicants who rent OR own their homes. You must have an extra bedroom for a foster child and have homeowners or renters insurance.

Does IPPI have a lot of young children in need of a foster home?
No, because the majority of youth referred for therapeutic level foster care are pre-adolescent and adolescent aged youth. We do occasionally receive requests for foster homes for young children, but they typically have significant behavioral challenges or complex medical needs.

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