teen girlAbout people’s success learning new behaviors:

“I like getting my nails done by staff. I like having my own room and it’s decorated in pink and white. I’m learning how to do my own laundry. I like the staff; they are helpful. I get to see my parents on the weekends and go on other trips when I stay at my house. I do the dishes and got to go to Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg for vacation. I’m going to a concert and I’m excited because I’ll get a new outfit and get a haircut.”
R – who lives in a group setting in Maryland

About focus on a nurturing home:

“…It has been my experience with Mid Atlantic Human Services that they make every effort to provide a loving and caring environment. Mid Atlantic provides nice homes in safe neighborhoods. Your child will receive specialized care and individualized attention.”
Heather’s Mom – about our supports in Maryland

About emphasis on social development:blind cane

“…The development of effective strategies to engage others constructively was particularly evident within the FOCUS program, where communication as well as accommodations were critical to the quality of supports provided for [the people who have] deaf/blindness.”
Office of Quality Enhancement,
The Department of Developmental Services
Commonwealth of Massachusetts

About day supports:

“…The Twin Rivers program has brought happiness and worthwhileness to our son, Justin. He loves being with people who have a positive attitude, who know he is an asset. The people at Twin Rivers know he has a lot going for him. Once he understands that, he gains self-confidence.”
Justin’s father – about his son’s appreciation of his Exeter, New Hampshire day supports.

man doing OTAbout achieving competitive employment:

“I love the people I work with. I feel good about myself because I’m working and can take a vacation. I love seeing my job coach and want the Job Path program to keep going.”
Bernie L – full time employee in Massachusetts

About clinical consultation and training:

“His preparedness was phenomenal, beautiful handouts, Power Point, examples. The woman professional - phone callmaterials were fabulous, and his impromptu responses to questions from the audience were great.”
Clinical workshop and consultation about the basics of applied behavioral analysis in Concord, New Hampshire

“I am very pleased with the trainings and the support I have received over the years from all of the IPPI staff. My PPC and CC are always available when I need them and I appreciate all they have done for me and the children in my home. Once again, thank you for your continued support.”
Carmen – Professional Parent

More Testimonials…

“Exceptional staff.”
Hartford Department of Children and Families

“Great people to work with and always helpful”
New Britain Department of Children and Families

“I am truly grateful for the strong support of our PPC. The PPC is always available and willing to get and consider input from us. We feel supported and I believe that is what contributed to the success of our placement.”
Rhonda and Vincent – Professional Parents

“Very professional, great follow-up, and case manager went above and beyond.”
Willimantic Department of Children and Families

About specialized foster care for children:

sisters“We’ve had a very positive experience with all IPPI personnel. In particular, the PPC is very encouraging positive, and has an excellent grasp of family dynamics and the particular needs of the individual placed in our home.”
James and Diane – Foster Parents

“We love what we do – the kids have enhanced and improved the quality of our life. We love the support [provided by] IPPI.”
Chris and Eva – Foster Parents

For information about our Foster Care Program please contact:

Martha Wick 203.317.2700 Ext. 134