Programs & Services for Children and Families

We are making a positive difference in the lives of children and families through comprehensive services designed to optimize academic, social, behavioral, and emotional development.

The Many Faces of Youth…

The Institute is able to address the needs of children with a variety of learning and behavioral-health diagnoses from birth through young adulthood, using proven effective methods of education and treatment. Our successful work with children who have complex behavioral and medical conditions, such as those with autism spectrum disorder, has earned us the reputation as a leader in the effort to provide for our nation’s most needy youth.

Building Services for Each Child…

The Institute is committed to meeting the needs of youngsters in their neighborhoods and communities. We take a child-centered approach to services that focuses on developing supports and interventions based on the unique needs of each individual.

These services include:

  • Therapeutic/specialized foster care
  • Individual residential services
  • Social skills training
  • Individual child assessment and evaluation
  • Management of classrooms
  • In-home treatment
  • After-school treatment
  • Specialized private school programs
  • Home-based consultation and work with siblings of children with disabilities
  • Functional Behavioral Assessment/Analysis (ABA), intervention development, and behavioral consultation
  • Discrete trial training

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Consultation and Training

  • Curriculum and Individual Educational Plan development
  • School Consultation
  • Parent, teacher paraprofessional and professional training seminars
  • Program and service system development and evaluation
  • Assistance in developing organizational structures and clinical programs

ABA Autism Initial Intake Line

CT  203.317.2700 Ext. 102
MD 410.569.6490 Ext. 2403

MA 978.353.3480 Ext. 1200
NH 603.224.8085 Ext. 1820