Services for Adults

IPPI provides lifelong supports for individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities transitioning to adulthood, throughout their adult lives, and into retirement.

Community-Based Day Options

Community-based day supports are designed to enable individuals to enjoy a full range of community activities. Community involvement offers opportunities to develop social, vocational, and communication skills that build confidence and independence. With a person-centered approach to supports individuals can enjoy a fuller life as they are actively making choices, pursuing preferred activities and experiencing inclusion.

Residential Options

Shared Living offers adults with developmental disabilities care and support in a family setting. Living with a family offers stability, connection, flexibility, and the opportunity to gain independence and have a full and active life. Individuals and families are matched based on preferences, lifestyles, and interests for the best possible fit. Other options include small group homes that accommodate up to four individuals.

Vocational Options

Our local business partners provide a range of vocational opportunities for individuals. Our staff can also assist individuals in establishing a micro business if they have a craft or specialty they’re passionate about. Individuals who are interested have opportunities to volunteer which can also be a great opportunity to learn valuable vocational skills such as teamwork and responsibility.

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