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son & motherIf you are a parent…..we can help.

For some of you, this might be the first leg of your journey; you have just received a diagnosis that your child has some disability or syndrome such as autism spectrum disorder. Others of you might be in the midst of your journey, trying to figure out how to help your child make it through school successfully. Some of you may be on the second leg of your journey and struggle with the realization that your child is becoming a young adult and will need to transition to adult services to begin a life of his or her own. And some of you may be well into your journey and are being challenged by aging and health issues of your child.

Parenting a child – any child – is a life long journey. When parenting a child with a disability, the journey can be more complex.  You will find that you are not only a parent, but are often called upon to assume many roles – an advocate, an educator, a doctor, a lawyer, and a researcher to name but a few. The journey can be joyous at times and downright overwhelming at other times.

Some basic approaches to traveling this journey can make it more successful:

  • There have been many who have gone before you and have paved the way – seek assistance from those who have already negotiated the obstacles you are facing and who have experienced the rewards of parenting.


  • Learn the system in the state where you live or are thinking of moving. Each state has a unique way of funding supports for families, children, and adults. Research how your state organizes services and how you access the system. It is important to plan ahead and start early.
  • Arm yourself with knowledge from as many sources as possible. The web is a great resource.

teen girlsTo use our website it may be most efficient to start with the state where you are looking for services. Although we have similar services in all our states, there are differences driven by how the funding agencies pay for services and the local needs of the service recipients. Within each state you will find a subcategory for adult and children’s services. Under each of these categories are the specific programs offered for that age group.

If there is anything we can do to help bring out the best in your parenting voyage or to make the hard times a little less stressful, please give us a call. You can use our general information request page, or directly contact any person listed on the web pages.