Our approach to services starts with a commitment to the individual. By addressing the unique needs of each person, we are able to provide successful services to people with a variety of diagnosis throughout the course of their lives. Our ability to provide compassionate services to people with behavioral challenges and complex medical needs has won us wide recognition and made us a leader in the effort to support adults and children with disabilities in their homes, schools, and neighborhoods.

Combining respect, compassion, and commitment with a high level of technical expertise is a key element of our success. The agency is comprised of staff who have extensive experience and training in behaviorally based technologies and who actively contribute to the field through publications, presentations, workshops, and teaching as adjunct faculty in institutions of higher learning. Our intensive employee training program, college internships, and support for graduate work in applied behavior analysis enables us to attract and retain qualified and dedicated staff. Using well-documented, evidence-based treatments and supports allows us to translate an individual’s goals and aspirations into meaningful accomplishments.