Consultation, Training and School Services 

Children with autism and other developmental disabilities often exhibit behaviors that inhibit their ability to learn or to assimilate into classroom environments. The Institute offers an array of services and supports to identify the causes and functions of these behaviors and to teach the child alternative behaviors that more successfully and acceptably meet their educational, social, and personal needs. These services include:

  • Mother and son are playing on the carpet with blocksFunctional Behavior Assessments
  • Descriptive Methods
  • Direct Observation
  • Functional Analysis Manipulations
  • Behavior Program Development
  • Data System Development/Analysis/Program Revisions
  • Staff Training
  • Classroom Management System

Please see our Autism-School Consultation page for more information about school services for youth on the autism spectrum. Click here to view biographies of our experienced and dedicated School and Consultation Professional Staff

ABA Autism Initial Intake Line 203.317.2700 Ext. 102

For information contact:

Dr. Zbigniew Golonka Ph.D., BCBA-D 203.317.2700 Ext. 122

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