Services for Children & Families 

Our unique offerings for children and their families within Connecticut rests upon a rich understanding of the many contributors to child health and well-being.

smiling mother daughter“We believe that all children benefit by being part of a family and community.” We offer therapeutic Foster Care programs which provide specialized support and services to foster children and family caregivers. Our children receive the clinical support they need but in the context of what they need most- a safe and caring family! We work in collaboration with DCF and community providers to identify the individual needs of each youth and tailor support services to meet those needs.

The agency’s Services for Children with Autism are provided in close collaboration with public schools throughout Connecticut as they provide comprehensive special education. We provide and supervise behavior therapists who work directly with children, their public school teachers and administrative staff; and are also responsible for the program’s overall clinical coordination. Children receive the best of two worlds – a solid and individualized special education close to home that provides integration with typically developing peers when appropriate, and sophisticated behavioral treatment based on applied behavioral analysis.

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ABA Autism Initial Intake Line
203.317.2700 Ext. 102

In November 2013 the agency’s IPPI Learning Academy was recognized and approved as a Private Special Education Program. Our program serves students in Kindergarten through 12th grade with a variety of disabilities including autism, emotional disturbance, ADHD, and intellectual disabilities. Referrals are made by school districts and/or parents in the state of Connecticut. Each of our six classrooms has a certified special education teacher and at least one instructional assistant.

We recognize that children with developmental and related disabilities, and their families, often need help not just at home and at school, but during difficult transitional times. Milestone events such as moving from early intervention to school, coping with afather son family crisis, negotiating the teenage years, or taking on the challenges associated with acquiring good pre-vocational skills in mid-adolescence may be easier with assistance. Consultation, Training and Services to Schools help children and families deal with a variety of problems, some perhaps considered minor, but others significantly affecting health, safety and family status.  Consultative interventions may be brief or extended, and interdisciplinary training and collaboration with other service providers are always highlighted in our treatment plan.