The Leadership Education Advocacy Development (LEAD) Group was created because there is a fundamental need to promote and educate individuals on their rights and responsibilities.

LEAD offers opportunities for new members to join the group by attending an education night. Education nights are designed to bring individuals receiving services together to learn about a variety of topics of interest, such as voting education and registration, or public transportation resources. The ultimate goal for LEAD is to partner with the  community and meet with other advocacy groups to effectively advocate for legislative changes that will bring positive changes to people with disabilities.

Leadership: Will grow through practicing effective communication skills by learning to be a voice for themselves and others.
Education: Will be developed though learning about rights and responsibilities. Education through advocacy means to gain knowledge of the daily challenges that those with different disabilities face.
Advocacy: Will be developed though learning that the disability community deals with similar issues and how can we support each other to create positive change in how we live our lives.
Development: Refers to the personal growth each of us needs to explore to create the best version of ourselves. As a group, members will collaborate and create their own agendas and activities for each meeting.