Supported Living

Sometimes people with disabilities have found a living space that is comfortable and suits older man smilingthem well. It may be a home or apartment that they rent or own. Upon request, The Institute works with these individuals and their family members and guardians to develop individualized staff arrangements, in which staff come into the home when the person needs help with activities of daily living such as scheduling or attending medical appointments, cooking dinner, spring and fall cleaning, or routine shopping. Often check-ins are designed to see how the past few days are going, or to plan for the weekend. Some people need support daily, and others less often. On occasion, round-the-clock specialized services are needed.

The process of choosing staff is a joint venture share among the individual, his/her family, and IPPI. The interests, preferences and special needs of the person determine the criteria that are used to recruit and interview candidates. Once staff members are hired, IPPI managers provide training and supervision, making sure that they are performing all of the tasks that the individual has requested. The goal of this collaboration between the individual and The Institute is a smoothly-running household with a pleasant atmosphere that supports the individual’s health and community membership.

The Department of Developmental Services and the federal Medicaid Waiver provides funding for The Institute’s Supported Living program, which currently serves people with developmental disabilities in the southern and western parts of Connecticut.

For more information on this program contact:
Gail Skrzypiec
Director of Vocational Services and Day Options
203.317.2700 Ext. 132


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