Individualized In-Home Supports

Often people with special needs wish to remain close to their family and to continue living at home. They have found that they are more comfortable there, and they play a vital role in the life of their family. Yet, because of health or safety issues, assistance that may be out of the ordinary might be necessary to achieve a residential arrangement that works for all. Upon request, IPPI works with these individuals and their families to provide:Teen Boy Ironing

  • Life Skills Coaching
  • Behavioral Consultation
  • Recreational Services

Through the development of individualized arrangements, staff come into the home when the individual needs help to assist with a variety of activities of daily living such as scheduling appointments with health care providers, preparing a meal, cleaning, engaging in a leisure activity or working on a behavioral need. The goal of this collaboration between the individual, his or her family, and IPPI is a smooth-running household with a pleasant atmosphere that supports the individual’s health and community membership.

Because In-Home Services are funded by the state of Connecticut, individuals must be funded by the Connecticut Department of Developmental Services and eligible for the federal Medicaid Waiver.

For more information on this program contact:
Gail Skrzypiec
Director of Vocational Services and Day Options
203.317.2700 Ext. 132


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