Mature mother is relaxing in the kitchen with her daughter who is in a wheelchair.

Community Companion Homes (CCH) are homes licensed by the state of Connecticut to provide care for adults with developmental disabilities in a comfortable family setting. A CCH offers inclusion in family life, community activities and recreation. CCH Providers assist individuals with everyday tasks, including medical needs and maintaining relationships with friends and family.

As a CCH Provider you a part of a dedicated group of service providers who enrich the lives of the individuals they support by opening their hearts and their homes, giving individuals with disabilities the opportunity to live their best possible life in a non-restrictive and caring environment.

We encourage families of diverse cultures, backgrounds, and composition to apply.

Engel Ramos – CCH Developer
Phone: 203.317.2700 Ext. 166

Interested in becoming a Community Companion Home Provider?

Although a CCH Provider is not a job, you are compensated for the residential support and care you provide. This includes a stipend for room and board.

CCH Providers Receive:

  • Monthly tax-free payment
  • Training and support as needed
  • Case management and clinical support
  • Community support services
  • Additional funding for respite services

Our CCH Providers have access to IPPI resources which include our community of trained professionals, other CCH Providers and an array of vocational programs (Art Works Studio, Once Upon A Farm, and the L.E.A.D. Advocacy Group).