Community Companion Homes

man & bunnyWhen circumstances make it impractical for an adult to live in their family’s home, or an individual is ready to move out of a group home setting, placement in a Community Companion Home (CCH) is often the best choice for both the family and the family member with the disability. Community Companion Home providers are licensed by the state of Connecticut and accept the responsibility of caring for an adult with a developmental disability in their home. In addition to providing a home – with all that means in the way of comfort, understanding and concern the CCH provider or licensee assists individuals with communication, everyday living skills, medical needs, use of adaptive equipment, behavior modification techniques, assist clients in making new friends as well as maintaining old friendships and contact with family members. CCH providers include individuals in everyday family life, community activities and recreation.

Interested in becoming a Community Companion Home Provider?
For the care provided, you receive a monthly tax-free stipend, as well as reimbursement for room and board. Licensees receive a complete profile of the client and receive training and support as needed, enabling the client to live a fulfilling life to the best of their abilities. IPPI provides the following services: clinical support, case management, community support services, administrative on-call support, and some additional funding for respite services. For many families, the most important reward is not financial. It is the satisfaction that comes from becoming a part of a dedicated group of service providers who make life better and more fulfilling by opening their hearts and their homes.

Man WheelchairThe program is open to couples, families, and in some cases, single people who demonstrate the ability to meet the needs of the individuals to be placed. The licensing process involves a home study and intensive inspection conducted by DDS. He or she is also trained in various areas, such as First Aid, CPR and Emergency Medical Procedure.

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