Connecticut Services for Adults 

Connecticut’s programs and services for adults include specialized autism services, residential options, community-based day options as well as vocational supports and job coaching.

Community and Residential Services for Adults

Man GardeningThe Institute first began operating in Connecticut in 1986 through its Division of Community and Residential Services that focused primarily on helping people leave large state-run institutions in Mansfield, Southbury and Waterford by creating residential alternatives that were integral parts of neighborhoods and communities. Since then the division has grown from five community residences to more than twenty, and consists of both Community Living Arrangements (CLAs) and Intermediate Care Facilities (ICFs). Our services have expanded beyond residential supports and now include:

Through the development of the Individualized In-Home Family Supports program, staff come into the home when an individual needs assistance with a variety of activities of daily living such as scheduling appointments with health care providers, preparing a meal, cleaning, engaging in a leisure activity or working on a behavioral need.

Group Homes provide active, comfortable and safe places for a small number of adults to live—typically three, four or five people, with two or three well-trained staff present to provide assistance and oversight.





When circumstances make it impractical for an adult to live in their family’s home, placement in a Community Companion Home (CCH) is often the best choice for both the family and the family member with the disability.

Sometimes people with disabilities have found a living space that is comfortable and suits them well. It may be a home or apartment that they rent or own. The Institute offers Supported Living programs and works with these individuals and their family members and guardians to develop individualized staff arrangements.

Vocational Supports are offered through The Connecticut Career Woman WorkingMentors Community-Based Employment and Vocational Program who under the guidance of The Institute, have developed from 50 years of past success in meeting the career assistance needs of people with disabilities or barriers to work.

Once Upon A Farm is a community project run by and for individuals with special needs. This is a place of creativity, learning and growth. Individuals quite happily assume the responsibility of planting, harvesting, and care taking. We welcome visitors! For hours and other information visit our webpage.

Our Adult Services Staff believe that respect, compassion, and commitment are the essentials upon which services for individuals must be based. We are dedicated to creating individualized treatment that capitalizes on people’s strengths, addresses their needs, targets their aspirations, and respects their unique profiles of interests and concerns.

Gail Skrzypiec
Director of Vocational Services and Day Options
203.317.2700 Ext. 132