During the past eight months, IPPI has engaged in research with the following objectives:

  • Hear leadership, stakeholders, and staff talk about IPPI in their own words and, later, quantify those results in our online survey.
  • Formally evaluate internal perceptions of IPPI by understanding points of pride, areas for improvement, and hopes for the future.
  • Understand where perceptions of the organization, its culture, and understandings of the best way forward differ across IPPI.
  • Explore and quantify employees’ awareness of and excitement about upcoming changes at IPPI, as well as their openness to rebranding IPPI.
  • Identify the key concepts that will form the cornerstone of IPPI’s updated brand.

With the research firm, Global Strategy Group, we conducted the following research:

In-depth Interviews (IDIs) with Leadership, External Stakeholders, and Parents

  • 5 IDIs with IPPI senior leadership
  • 4 IDIs with parents/guardians
  • 4 IDIs with external stakeholders
  • 12 IDIs with individuals we serve

Focus Groups with Senior Leadership & Staff

  • 3 focus groups with IPPI staff, including direct service providers (DSPs)
  • 1 focus group among IPPI senior leadership

Online Survey
• 322 interviews with IPPI employees across 5 states

Here are some of the highlight from the research:

  • IPPI is viewed favorably by employees, most of whom feel very engaged in their work and feel they are making meaningful contributions.  This comes through at various touchpoints throughout the survey, and is evident in employees’ responses when asked to recall a time when they felt happy and accomplished with their work at IPPI.  There is a certain softness to voters satisfaction with IPPI, however, as it relates IPPI’s communication (as we saw in the focus groups) and employees’ compensation.  There is also a sizeable chunk of IPPI employees who say they are valued by IPPI, but not valued a lot.


  • Employees have strong affinities for their direct supervisors and managers, as well as their colleagues as a whole.  This was a key finding in our focus groups and confirmed by the online survey: employees are very satisfied with their direct supervisor/manager, and majorities say they trust them “a great deal.”  As you look to communicate about IPPI’s updated brand and work to drive employee satisfaction, leveraging managers will continue to be one of your best tools moving forward. Employees also overwhelmingly describe IPPI’s staff as “committed,” “compassionate,” “hardworking,” and “diverse.


  • Broadly, IPPI employees trust IPPI’s leadership and are excited about IPPI’s future – even if they don’t know what’s coming next.  The survey confirmed our finding from the focus group that employees are excited about the future of IPPI and motivated by leadership to do outstanding work, however, few say they have heard a lot about IPPI working to unify across states. Despite this, most are on board with changing IPPI’s name and many offered suggestions for a new name, which we’ve included in the excel document above.


  • There’s a lot of good, consistent guidance in the results that can help inform IPPI’s updated brand.  We’d like to put a pin in drawing any real conclusions about messaging and positioning until we all have the chance to get on the phone among ourselves and talk through, but there’s definitely some interesting themes emerging around transformation, growth, discovery, and opportunity that will be very interesting to explore.

For the topline responses from employees to the agency-wide survey, CLICK HERE. You can find data for long-form questions here. In order to ensure the anonymity of each person who took the survey, some questions were omitted from the research report.

Questions about the process or the research can be directed to Judy Stermer, director of advancement at jstermer@ippi.org or 802-505-0699.