Meet Denise Williams, Chief Executive Officer, and founder of Limitless 101 in Simsbury, CT. Limitless 101 is a wellness practice offering transformational life coaching, gentle and restorative yoga, guided meditation, reiki and other wellness services.

Limitless 101 specializes in empowering survivors of trauma. While everyone can benefit from a regular wellness practice, Limitless 101 focuses on helping individuals who have experienced complicated or unfavorable relationships with their parents or caretakers, a rough break up with a partner, a divorce, job loss, death of a loved one, physical or emotional imbalance, and any other loss that caused that person to stop breathing, living, or believing in themselves.

Denise is passionate about empowering her clients with a toolbox of resources to manage daily stressors and be more productive in their life roles at work, with family, with friends, and in their communities. By increasing self-awareness, Denise helps her clients be present in the moment and make healthier choices that support the optimal functioning of the body.

A licensed social worker, Denise understands the trauma and stress that many of our youth in foster care have experienced and applauds our foster families who step up to provide stable homes and act as friend, advocate, mentor and teacher to foster youth in our care.

Denise is an avid supporter of our foster care program, offering a variety of healthy and restorative services through Limitless 101.

Learn more about Limitless 101 at their website and on Facebook and Instagram.

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