Meet Mishanda Harper. Mishanda is the chief executive officer and founder of Single Mom’s Alliance Inc. In her own quest for support and community as a single parent, Mishanda founded the Single Mom’s Alliance (SMA) to provide a venue to share resources, offer support, and connect woman who have shared experiences.

Mishanda founded SMA in 2018 and has been helping connect and inspire women through her work. Through a monthly support group, the women of SMA support one another through inspiring stories of courage and strength. SMA hosts events that bring single moms and allies together to build community.

Single Mom’s Alliance, Inc believes in the importance of community when it comes to parenting. In that way, SMA supports the important work foster families do to create a strong community connection for the youth in their care. IPPI works with foster families to ensure they feel supported. Groups like SMA are a great community resource that provides space for connection.

Single Mom’s Alliance meets every 3rd Saturday at 12pm at the Wilson Library located on 300 Washington Ave. New Haven, CT 06511.

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