Pauline McRae (center) with her niece, daughter and Gordon and Maggie Hartman at awards ceremony.

Pauline McRae (center) with her niece, daughter, and Gordon and Maggie Hartman.

Recognition honors caregivers with “hearts of gold” who go above and beyond for their clients and friends with special needs

IPPI’s Permanency Services Division is thrilled to announce that Pauline McRae was presented with the Gordon Hartman Family Foundation’s 2019 Excellence in Caregiving award. Joining twenty-four other recipients, Pauline received her award at Morgan’s Wonderland Resort in San Antonio, TX on April 1, 2019.

Pauline and her husband Anthony specialize in fostering youth with special needs. For close to two decades, Pauline and Anthony have provided exceptional care to several children. One child has been with the family since 2001.

The couple parents with compassion and integrity. They are committed advocates who serve as a voice to the youth they serve. Pauline makes each child feel like a valued member of the family. The youth in her care thrive in an environment where they are respected and appreciated, gaining the confidence to participate in activities they may have shied away from previously.

Pauline feels that caring for children with special needs is her calling. She explains, “I do it because it’s my gift. I don’t really think about it.” Traveling to the awards ceremony in Texas, she had the opportunity to reflect. Pauline said when she looked up and saw her picture on the big screen, she sat up nice and straight and absorbed the kind words being shared from the stage. She took a moment to pray, and expressed gratitude for this gift. She said it was a moment that will stay with her forever.

We are proud and grateful that Pauline is on our team and thank her for her unwavering commitment to the youth she fosters.

About The Gordon Hartman Family Foundation

The organization was founded by Gordon and Maggie Hartman in 2005 to allow them to pursue their dream of helping children and adults who deal with the daily obstacles of cognitive and physical special needs. Their decision to give their time and resources to this specific cause is inspired by their love for their daughter, Morgan, who copes daily with cognitive and physical challenges. Over the past 13 years the Foundation has assisted over 600 non-profit agencies who serve the special needs community. The Hartman’s are credited for creating the world’s first ultra-accessible theme park, Morgan’s Wonderland Resort, named after their daughter. Learn more about the foundation’s work at 

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The Institute of Professional Practice, Inc. provides services and supports to individuals of all ages living with developmental disabilities. Founded nearly 40 years ago, IPPI’s mission to build strong communities by empowering individuals permeates the work of the agency, which provides highly individuated care to everyone who turns to IPPI for support. IPPI’s service footprint spans throughout New England and in Maryland. Learn more about the transformational work happening in a community near you at