From Natureworks May 2019 Newsletter:

Natureworks is proud to partner with Once Upon a Farm in Bethany, CT to offer you specialty annuals for cutting and drying.

Farmer Andrew Keene is working with marketing manager and farmer Suzanne Duesing to grow a wide range of specialty annual seedlings as well as bunches of dried flowers. All plants and cut flowers will be grown organically.

The mission of The Institute of Professional Practice, Inc. is to build strong communities by empowering individuals. Relationships, like the one with Natureworks, helps IPPI fulfill its mission by providing a variety of experiences and opportunity for individuals who are supported by IPPI to learn, develop, and have fun through tending plants.

This winter, I carefully selected lots of different seeds and had them shipped directly to the farm. My goal was to be able to offer annuals I couldn’t find anywhere. They are organically grown in 4 packs which makes them a great value.

There are 7 varieties of zinnias, crested and feathery celosias, giant strawflowers in 3 colors, Craspedia (those cool yellow orbs that are often called “Billy Balls”), two very cool annual China asters that will make you swoon, 3 colors of globe amaranth, Didiscus ‘Lacy Lavender Blue’, larkspur, statice, pearly everlasting (Ammobium) and two types of RED cosmos. The plants are absolutely gorgeous. We get some in each week, as they become ready (not everything will be here for this weekend.) Wait until you see them! Our goal is to do many workshops on growing and arranging cut flowers from the garden in the summer and then do workshops on drying flowers and making wreaths and arrangements with them in the fall.

Learn more about Once Upon A Farm Click Here