Congratulations to our NH ABA Services team whose recent Parent Survey results found that in addition to, high marks in quality of services and progress made, 100% of responding parents found the team to be flexible, accommodating, and would recommend IPPI to other families seeking ABA services. Our team of credentialed behavior professionals provide both school and home-based services.

On-site, school-based services develop a plan to help students acquire new skills and make behavioral changes. The plan is shared with those who spend time with the child, including teachers, classroom aides, parents and family members. Services include periodic follow-up assistance as students’ progress through school, academic planning and monitoring, after-school activities, and extended school year programs.

Home-based services, where a clinician comes to child’s home, offers solutions that reduce stress and create a better quality home life for families. A behavior plan is provided for parents to follow on a daily basis. The plan serves a guide for encouraging positive behavior and exploring learning options. Home visits are scheduled to meet the family’s needs, and the plan is evaluated adapted based on what is and what is not working.