Meet Mehment, Ahmet, and Nazim Kangal, owners and operators of Three Brothers Diner in Hamden, Connecticut. The three brothers, natives of Turkey, came to Connecticut in 1992. The siblings started their careers working in the food industry at a diner in North Haven. Ahmet, the most vocal of the three, started as a dishwasher. He quickly advanced to waiter, then to manager where he served for four years.

The dream of owning a business started with their father, Mustafa Kangal, who came to the United States in 1984. The family briefly resided in Maryland, where they operated a diner. They returned to Connecticut in 1998 and the siblings set their sights on opening the Three Brothers Diner. It has become a well-known and loved spot in the Hamden community.

Through perseverance and hard work, the Kangal brothers realized their dream. The family embraces the idea of community, and IPPI is very grateful for their support in our efforts to bring awareness of the need for foster care to the community. The Three Brothers Diner serves as an information hub for the IPPI foster care permanency team. The diner has played host to a number of IPPI open houses and Lunch and Learn sessions during the past year.

Learn more about Three Brothers Diner on their website or Facebook.