Meet Genese Clark, founder of Advocate Lab, LLC. A native of New Haven, Connecticut, Clark comes from a long line of creative thinkers. In childhood, she learned a mantra that would guide her for life. Originally her father’s mantra, the “Four Things” include the following powerful reminders: “1. Put God first; 2. Think for yourself; 3. Stick together; and 4. Never give up.” The “Four Things” resonated with Clark as she pursued her goals.

Clark launched Advocate Lab, LLC with the vision of creating a legacy of strong families through empathy, collaboration, and scholarly research.

Clark utilizes the Family Strengths Model which identifies six universal areas that families typically possess in order to identify their unique strengths and build on them.

Tapping into her family’s legacy, Clark uses the arts, as well as research from around the world, in her work. An author and artist herself, she understands how all masterpieces can have layers, texture, a mix of colors, and take time to develop. Clark believes that discovering a family’s internal and external assets requires empathetic and informed individuals who engage with a strength-based approach. “You can’t build on broken,” Clark says. “So, look for what’s working!”

As an avid supporter of foster care awareness, Clark knows the importance of a strong family for vulnerable youth. That’s why Clark is partnering with the IPPI Foster Care team to offer discounted trainings for staff.

To learn more about Advocate Lab, LLC. and the Family Strength Model visit online Website  Facebook.​