This year’s Therap National Conference was held in Charlotte, North Carolina, January 28th – 31st. Therap is a web-based application for organizations supporting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The conference is an opportunity to learn, share, and discover new and upcoming developments relevant to the Therap Users community.

The 2019 Conference showcased a number of changes and new developments at Therap. Things like Health Tracing updates, a new Individuals Data Form, IDF Linked Providers Sync, and custom fields were discussed and explored throughout the meeting.

Two of our colleagues, Ezax and Nahshon, represented Mid-Atlantic Human Service Corporation, a division of IPPI. At the conference, they focused on understanding areas critical to the enhancement of their performance as Therap Administrators, Training Coordinator and Quality Enhancement Manager, respectively.

Some of the sessions they attended and participated in included ISP Program Writing, Personal Finances: Tracking & Reporting, Quality Assurance, Accountability 101: Using Time Tracking and Activity Tracking to Monitor Movement within the System, Data Driven Outcomes (DDO), and Quality Assurance and Data Auditing.

Ezax and Nahshon felt their experience at the national event was greatly enhanced by the  attendance of IPPI staff from Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. The group was able to spend some quality time together, focusing on the importance of collaboration, connection and unity when working with a complex system such as Therap. Having colleagues who can support implementation, problem solving and innovation has proven successful for IPPI’s use of Therap.

We’re really excited that our team was able to participate in this great staff development opportunity as they work toward becoming THERAP super users!