Programs & Services for Adults

Over the past decades, we have provided residential services to hundreds of people who have developmental and other disabilities.

Being part of the lives of people as they reach early adulthood, and mature and find their place in their communities, is a distinct honor and a privilege we take seriously. Among those we have supported for years in each state is a group of men and women who are now senior citizens and enjoying the benefits of retirement.

woman & elder woman

Among the variety of living arrangements we offer are:

  • Individual Service Option (ISO) and adult foster care
  • Small group living arrangements
  • ICF/MR homes for people with special behavioral needs
  • Homes for people with medical needs
  • Supported independent living
  • Whole life programs
  • Respite support

Day and Work Programs:

  • Transitional school to work training and job coaching
  • Enclave employment
  • Community-based day supports
  • Work to retirement transitional support
  • Specialized total communication day services
  • Competitive supported employment
  • Job Training Consultation to children in public schools
  • Senior support

girls laughing

Training and Consultation

  • Individual Developmental and Skill Assessment
  • Functional Behavioral Assessment/Analysis (FBA) and behavioral consultation
  • Clinical consultation
  • Assistance in developing organizational structures and clinical programs
  • Educational and training workshops
  • Program consultation and evaluation