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young childrenOnce considered a relatively rare disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is now thought to occur in up to 1 in 59 children according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Marked by problems in social and communication skills, ASD is a form of developmental disability beginning in early childhood and often lasting throughout life. The children classified as having ASD vary greatly in their skills and behavior, but all share a pattern of unique development often with different rates of growth in different skill areas. Children also have a tendency to rely on repetition and routines in negotiating the activities of their daily lives.

Although the causes of ASD have not yet been clearly identified, it is certain that early recognition and intensive intervention are critical in optimizing a child’s ability to develop necessary life skills.

Although there are many treatments available, structured teaching of skills using applied behavior analysis is currently the most effective treatment according to the CDC.

At The Institute, we have a long history of serving children and adults with ASD. Many of our clinical staff have worked with some of the most noted ASD experts in the field and bring a depth of knowledge and skill to our services. Noteworthy is the fact that we serve adults with this disorder, including people in their senior years, and thus have a broad perspective on the challenges faced by people with ASD throughout their lives.


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