young girl reading Our Mission

The Institute seeks to make a positive difference in the lives of children and adults with developmental and other special learning and behavioral needs. Making a meaningful difference begins with respect, compassion and commitment.

Who We Are

For more than three decades, The Institute has been driven by a mission to make a positive difference – built on a respect for differences – in the lives of the people we serve. As a private, non-profit human service and educational organization based in Vermont, we provide treatment and supports to people with special and educational needs throughout New England and in Maryland. Consultation and training programs to families, schools, human service organizations, and governmental agencies across the United States complete our comprehensive system of services.

Our History

The Institute evolved in response to the social policies of the 70’s and 80’s, when thousands of people with developmental and psychiatric disabilities left institutions and returned to their local communities. Read more …

Our Services Begin with Commitment to the Individual

By addressing the unique needs of each person, we are able to provide successful services to people with a variety of diagnoses throughout the course of their lives.

Our Beliefs about the Individuals We Support

The Children and Adults We Support

The Institute provides services to people of all ages who experience special learning, behavioral, medical, and neuropsychiatric problems often referred to as developmental disabilities.

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